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Nordic Vision #4 (Norway) 1995


A long awaited second album by DISSECTION is on its way. After a magnificent debut album, expectations are really high for their new one. Surely, Storm of the Light's Bane will be a highlight of 1995. Guitarist and vocalist, Jon Nödtveidt is responsible for the answer.

You are now available with two songs on the Wrong Again Records compilation album. Should we look upon this as a warm up to your coming album?


Will "Where Dead Angels Lie" and "Elisabeth Bathori" only be available on this compilation album?

"The song "Where Dead Angels Lie" will be on our forthcoming album Storm of the Light's Bane as well, but of course in a new recorded version. "Elisabeth Bathori" will only be available on the W.A.R. comp. and a forthcoming sampler from Necropolis Records."

What do you think about the other bands on this CD?

"I don't like them at all. I would advise you to get the Necropolis compilation instead, because there you'll find (amongst others) MAYHEM, ENSLAVED, ABRUPTUM, MARDUK, EMPEROR, ARCTURUS and such great bands."

A while back in time you were playing in England. How many shows did you perform? Who was responsible for your visit to England?

"Yes, we played England at the end of April this year. We did one show in Bradford and two shows in London. The Bradford gig was more or less a warm-up gig for the show the day after, at the Marquee. We had 400 people attending the show in Bradford. The Marquee show was incredible and it was an great experience for us. There were 800 people there and the place was packed! The response from the crowd was amazing. The last show was held at a smaller place called "The Devil's Church" and thanks to one really worthless band called THUS DEFILED (who were one of the support bands) who played above their time schedule, we could only play five songs before the place was closed. The Devil's Church is a part of a pub and they close at eleven o'clock in England. That was really irritating to us, really, but as a whole this UK trip was very good for us, I believe. It was Nuclear Blast that got us these shows."

We believe you played together with CRADLE OF FILTH. There has been some negative talk about them, but what is your impression of the band? What do you think about their successful debut album?

"The first two shows were together with ANCIENT RITES from Belgium and CRADLE OF FILTH. The last show was together with ANCIENT RITES, DARK HERESY and THUS DEFILED. My impression of CRADLE OF FILTH was that they were alright. We didn't get to know them that well but, except for their manager, they treated us well. They are very good live and the album is ok."

Would you say that DISSECTION is a so-called "live band"? What impact does the audience have on your live performance? Do you play better, the bigger and more enthusiastic the audience is?

"We want the audience to go fucking mad! The more insane, raging and violent the crowd is, the better! We don't want them to stand like statues. We want the blood to flow! Blood, fire, DEATH! Yes, we're definitely a live band. I think the reason so many Black Metal bands refuse to play live is that they cannot reproduce their recordings live, and then they blame it on the "trendy crowd" and so on. Who fucking cares? So what if there's some trendy children in the audience? The major part of the crowd can't be that fucking stupid if they support the band. Therefore, they deserve some fucking live bloodbath! And why not tear those little normal wimps apart if they dare to come to see the show?!?"

Now you have signed with Nuclear Blast Records, a label more known for releasing Christian music than quality. Your signing came as a little shock to a lot of people. So what made you sign to this label? Did all the members agree on this decision?

"Why should we turn down their offer just because they have released some crap like MORTIFICATION, etc? We won't let some Christians stand in our way. We were negotiating seriously together with a lawyer with three labels and Nuclear Blast gave us the most advantageous deal. Nuclear Blast is not a Christian label. If so, then why would they sign a Satanic band like DISSECTION?"

Did you sign to them a long time ago? How have you been treated so far? Are you still convinced you signed to the right label?

"So far, we have been treated very well, but we have to wait and see until the album is out."

Rumour tells that Nuclear Blast have ripped off a few bands. Did you consider these rumours before you signed with them? Do you believe in them?

"We haven't heard this before." (for rumours, see ATROCITY)

Have you signed for more than one album? does your contract differ a lot from the one you had with No Fashion?

"We have signed for one album and some options and, yes, the contract differs a lot from the deal with No Fashion. It's much better, I would say."

Will there be a tour in connection with Storm of the Light's Bane?

"Yes, we will be on the road shortly after the release."

Do you think there's a possibility that Nuclear Blast want to send you on tour with, for instance, MORTIFICATION? If so, could you say no without breaking your contract?

"Ha ha!!! Do you think they can send us on tour with a band without our permission? We have very much to decide about this touring thing. And, by the way, they aren't that stupid that they think we would like to tour with shit like MORTIFICATION."

What do you think about the other bands signed to your company? If there will be a tour it will most likey be with another band on your label. Who do you prefer?

"Just because we are signed to Nuclear Blast doesn't mean that we have to tour with another band on that label. Of course, they have given us offers to tour with their bands and we have refused them all. the only Nuclear Blast band we might agree to tour with is DISMEMBER. right now, there's talk of some shows with KREATOR. We'll see what happens."

How do they prioritate DISSECTION? How will the album be promoted?

"We are of high priority, I believe, because they seem to be preparing a lot of stuff connected with the release of Storm of the Light's Bane."

Did you get as big studio budget as you desired? You recorded your great debut album in Hellspawn/Unisound Studios. Was Storm of the Light's Bane also recorded there?

"Yes, we recorded the new album in Hellspawn as well. We received a very big studio budget this time, so besides the recording we also bought a lot of new equipment like guitars, drums, amps, etc."

Will you use the same artist for your album cover this time, too? How will it be like?

"Necrolord will be doing this album painting too. The design will be the reaper."

Is there a big difference between your two albums?

"The new album is faster and more varied, in general. Better sound and so on. Check it out!"

Will Storm of the Light's Bane be released as an L.P. version? What do you prefer; CD or L.P.?

"I like both CD and L.P. but vinyls are nicer in general. Our new album will definitely be out on vinyl and that's great. No Fashion would never do such a thing, because they only care about money."

A wish for the future.....?

"To spread the words of evil. As always..."

Transcribed by Noctir.

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