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An Interview for the Fans by the Fans
- Final Interview with Jon Nödtveidt -
(May 2006)

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(Questions by the Dissection fans at the Official Dissection Forum)

Can you explain the idea about the Rebirth of Dissection being over, and this being a new phase? How is it a new phase?

"It's a new phase since it is the beginning of the end and the hungry end is coming soon"

The Rebirth of Dissection tour was a great success for you with sold out concerts all over Europe and additional gigs in South America and Mexico. It was also the largest tour so far in your career with something like 60 shows and 20 countries or so. How was the feeling to finally meet the fans again after more than 7 years?

"We could never have imagined that the interest and demand for Dissection's return would be so high out there after seven years of absence. I think it was all like some kind of shock for all of us. Before the first concert in Stockholm on the 30th of October 2004, the gig had been sold out twice already before being moved a third time to an even bigger place, but it wasn't until we faced the crowd that it all became clearer to us. For me personally this moment, walking out on that stage at Arenan in Stockholm less than a month and a half after my release from prison, is one of the most surreal experiences in my life. That feeling lasted for the entire Rebirth of Dissection tour that followed. Waking up every morning in a tour bus instead of a prison cell, just hoping it would never end. By the time that we came back to Sweden at the end of the tour we were all really sad that the tour was over, but we knew we had work to do. We started to rehearse intensely for the upcoming recording of "Reinkaos" and entered the studio a little bit more than one month later."

How was it to headline the last day of the mighty Inferno festival in Norway last year? And tell us about what happened at the end of the show when you performed Elisabeth Bathory "unplugged"!

"Ha ha Well, what happened was that when we had played our set, which was rather extensive by the way almost two hours, the audience was still demanding an encore after we had left the stage, and they wouldn't stop screaming for it. So we decided that we should give them a last song. So we went up on stage again just to have the stage manager showing up going all crazy saying that we absolutely couldn't play more and that they had to close the place. I told him that with all the respect I didn't think that the audience would agree, seeing that they wouldn't leave, and they would surely not be happy if the guards would try to force them out of the hall. The venue had been totally lit up by the lights in the roof and they had shut off the PA, so we just kicked off the song "Elisabeth Bathori" without any other sound than the amps on stage and the drums themselves and since we didn't have any sound from the microphones we had the audience sing the lyrics for us! The voice of the audience would almost lift the roof alone! The stage manager went out of his senses of course, but what can we do? What a memory!"

Dissection is a band that really seems to care about their fans. I really appreciate that. What is your honest opinion about bands who don't care about their fans and think, that they'd be successful even without them?

"I don't know about those bands For Dissection, apart from writing and performing the music solely out of our own need and creative drive, the fans have always been the priority. We do say fuck off to the music industry in general and the media too, since what we have experienced most from it is dishonesty and disloyalty. But we acknowledge and appreciate the support we get from our loyal fans and allies. They are a part of Dissection and what we do."

According to MLO philosophy the members of the Order are the elect and the rest of mankind are sheep/clay born or simply lower beings. Therefore does the band hold contempt for most if not almost all of the Dissection fan base and how does it make them feel when having to exchange in social interaction with the fans or playing to them?

"We don't see misanthropy as a symbolic thing when we state that this world is our enemy, and in this world of enemies, we do appreciate those few who actually are on our side and we treat them accordingly, like allies. You will know yourself depending on which category you belong to if you are for or against what we stand for."

There is this incredible aura and buzz about Dissection that one can't deny (Slayer is another band that comes to mind with that aura about them), and one that has lasted through the years from during the first phase of "The Somberlain" and "Storm of the Light's Bane". What do the current members attribute this to? And also - is there a reason Jon chose not to recruit any of his former band mates into the current incarnation of Dissection? How did you come in contact with Set and Tomas?

"It was a long process and there were quite a few obstacles in the way too numerous to mention but my goal was to find a line up that would share the same visions as myself in terms of using the music of Dissection as a black magical tool. So, therefore I only wanted Satanists in the band and consequently the old members were out of the question. And having set up this goal, I didn't make things easy for me. But this was the only way to go and I was convinced that it was just a matter of time until I would find the right members.

Anyway, I came in touch with Tomas in the beginning of 2004. He had heard that Dissection needed a drummer for the new line-up so he contacted the persons running our website. I called him up and we decided to hook up on one of my leaves from prison. I had just moved to a more "open" prison where I would spend the last half year of my sentence and there I would get short leaves every second weekend. We met up at one of those leaves at a restaurant in Stockholm and talked about everything from his personal convictions, ambitions and visions of being a Satanist as well as being a musician and how to make this merge in a band, to connect the powers of something as unique as a complete "all-Satanist" line-up. We had both had previous bad experiences playing with people who didn't take things seriously and who didn't share the same convictions for working with the powers of the dark side in a serious way as well as lacking the ability of putting the proper dedication into a genuinely Satanic musical project. We obviously had a lot in common and we both knew what we wanted.

So we soon started to rehearse at Tomas' studio, only the two of us, and continued to discuss the concepts of using the band as the Satanic tool I always wanted it to be. Musically I had never met a drummer as skilled and with such a professional approach to his craft before. Ranging such broad realms of music, everything from the fastest and most brutal blast beats to progressive rock and the groove and steadiness of hard rock and heavy metal. I guess it's partly a well earned result of determined dedication to drumming for over 25 intense years. He could basically play anything and everything. The old Dissection material was no match at all. I knew I had found the right man for the job!

It was however more difficult to find the right guitar player. We searched for months and months without finding the one that we were looking for. It wasn't so much that it was difficult to find talented guitar players; we had many of them applying. The problem was to find someone who was a killer guitar player and a Satanist! After auditioning several guitarists in the summer of 2004 we finally found Set. When he finally came over from Italy we knew immediately that the search was over. The energy and spirit he radiated at the rehearsal as well as personally made it all very easy for us; he had to be in Dissection! I had been in touch with him for quite some time via mail but it wasn't until he came over to Sweden that we got to know each other for real. Set has proved to be one of the most determined persons, as well as coolest, that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and we have been standing by each other as brothers since. As a guitar player, he channels the current like no one else and has been evolving immensely! With Set joining Dissection the line up was finally complete and the band was getting ready for the Rebirth. We just had to await my release from prison to take place. So in the meantime, the line-up rehearsed intensely without me on a daily basis for the next two months, with me joining in on my short leaves."
The bassist issue It is unclear to me and I think many others. Is there one? Session or permanent member?

"Erik Danielsson is our current bass player, however only live. He is the only one so far that has on a personal level been working out in Dissection and he fully stands behind our Satanic concept and the spiritual aims of the band."

We heard that shortly before you were imprisoned an album was going to be recorded and the band had even fixed a studio date for it. What happened to that album/material? Is Reinkaos the same album with some changes in it or is it totally different?

"This material was not even far from finished at that time but was still the seed to what has now blossomed into Reinkaos. The material was constantly growing and evolving during the years in prison, as the songs for Reinkaos manifested. But it took years of nurturing before the seed could come into full bloom in a way that I was satisfied. Not until the album was finally arranged and recorded with the complete line-up, actually."

Can you see any difference from writing music in prison from writing music in freedom? Do you think the prison-time had a big effect on the new Dissection-music that you wrote "inside"? Do you think it would have sounded different if you wrote it outside?

"I think the only thing that matters is the time, effort and dedication you put into what you do. But the situation I was in for sure helped a lot, in terms of having time at least! And to create "Reinkaos" I also needed a state of fanatic focus, which was something that I found inside the prison walls."

When you where in prison what kept you occupied to pass the time? Any incidents with other inmates, or maybe you met someone with similar thoughts in there to discuss with? I don't know the situation in Swedish prisons?

"My first time behind bars, 11 months to be exact, I spent in custody due to the trial which means that I was in isolation because of the ongoing investigation. Some time after the trial I was transferred to a regular (maximum security) prison. I would spend the first six years in high security prisons like that. Initially I didn't have the possibility to have a guitar in there, but with time I eventually got access to both my acoustic as well as my electric guitar. In prison I would work in the prison industry and study. I was writing music, studying the occult, working out in the prison gym, going for endless walks around the prison yard and making my acquaintances with the local environment and its inhabitants I met a lot of interesting people in there and we had some great times too, no matter being in prison. In 1999 a brotherhood was formed which consisted of people with very long sentences and a strong sympathy for the "outlaw" mentality and many of the spiritual ideals of the MLO. In the end we had grown into quite a strong force with brothers on all major prisons in Sweden. After a while the prison authorities did their best to split us up and send members to different places but we managed to have a good time anyway."

Did you have any spiritual revelations while in prison?

"I really had the time to connect on a deeper level with the internal force guiding me on the left hand path."

I understand that you consider 'Reinkaos' your best album. What is your opinion on your earlier works, especially 'Storm of Light's Bane'?

"I regard both of them to have captured a very strong essence and sinister atmosphere and I'm very satisfied with them both. Both of them have been standing the test of time, I guess. At least if you go by their popularity."

What is the bands reaction to such complaints that the new Dissection sound is too far from that of the older Dissection sound?

"Our aim has not been to copy ourselves. The old albums (which I'm very proud of by the way) are still available for everyone who wants to listen to them, so there's nothing to complain about unless your CD player doesn't work. It would be a sign of retardation if we would be standing on the same spot for eleven years Those who don't evolve will perish."

When I compare the lyrical concepts of the three studio albums, I notice that the nature and core of your beliefs seems to have remained unaltered in over a decade. What is it that gives you the conviction and insights to actively hold on to these beliefs?

"The essence beyond the forms."

Ive read a lot of information on your website regarding the MLOs beliefs. What Ive read seems to be based primarily on Sumerian religion/mythology. There are references in your songs to Gods/Goddesses from other religions such as ancient Egyptian & Hindu. Can you explain how your beliefs tie into these religions? Are there any other early religions that are incorporated into the MLOs principles?

"Certain elements from ancient Sumerian religion play an important role within the belief system that exists within the MLO, as for instance the creation myth of "Enuma Elish", but the Sumerian system in itself is not the main focus. We put focus on all traditions that work with the powers of the nightside and which lead through the left hand path towards gnosis and spiritual transcendence. Like you mentioned, different esoteric currents from ancient Egyptian, Persian, Sumerian/Babylonian, Vedic, Nordic and Hellenic spiritual practices are of great interest and are given focus within the workings of our Order. Some of us also work with traditions deriving from Afro-Brazilian Quiumbanda and South American cults of the Lord of Death."

Could you explain for us very briefly what your religious believes are? What is the MLO? Who is Frater Nemidial?

"Frater Nemidial is the Magister Templi of MLO. As for the other part of the question I have answered it so many times before and the information about the MLO is out there for those who have the will to search for it."
What symbolizes the reincarnation of chaos for the members of DISSECTION?

"I take it you are referring to the title "Reinkaos" and it's meaning. But Reinkaos does not mean "reincarnation of Chaos", it means "return to Chaos" and is the opposite of reincarnation (which means "return to the flesh"). Reinkaos is the fifth stage of the Forbidden Alchemy within the teachings of the MLO and is part of the Atazoth process that through the increasing of the Acausal power of the spirit makes possible the transcending of the world of matter and the returning to pandimensional Chaos."

Are there any special books or writings that have inspired you at the work of Reinkaos?

"The concept of "Reinkaos" is based on the book Liber Azerate and the teachings of MLO."

Dissection has always been about striving for improvement (perfection), progression and evolution. Your music is a true representation of your inner spirit and Will. Can you tell us why these things are so important not only to Dissection as an entity but to each of you individually as Anti-cosmic Satanists? Do you view the qualities as an attainment that all Anti-cosmic Satanist should seek?

"Improvement, progression and evolution are part of the road to liberation and therefore could be viewed as qualities that all Satanists should seek."

What advice (if any) would you give to anyone who has an interest in Anti-cosmic Satanism?

"To study everything they can get their hands on connected to the tradition and to put in practice what they learn."

How important do you consider physical condition for the serious Satanist?

"What should be most important for a Satanist, is the spiritual condition."

What exactly does the formula in the song "Starless Aeon" mean: Dies Irae, Dies Illa, Solvet Cosmos In Favilla. Vocamus Te Aeshma Diva! ?

"The day of wrath, that day, will dissolve/reduce the cosmos to ashes. We call upon Aeshma Diva! (Aeshma-Diva means "The God of Wrath" in Persian)"

Does Dissection play a large role for the MLO, why?

"The MLO plays a large role for Dissection. And even though Dissection is the sonic propaganda unit of the MLO, the MLO in itself has got nothing to do with music."

Do you have any special way of making your music? Since it's supposed to be "magical"?

"The song writing process has for me a spiritual function on a personal level since they are hymns to the different powers and principles, Dark Gods, which are a central part of the 218 current. Lyrically the songs are based on invocations and formulas that have been linked into the lyrics to evoke the powers that they represent. Occult musical theory has been applied in the song writing process as a means of symbolically charging their structures. They have also been written inspired by scientific ideas such as string theory etc. The songs have all been written with the intention of using sounds and vibrations as an Anti-Cosmic tool and they have all been consciously created to be the vessels for these powers."

What do you have to say to people that don't believe in "magic" or the occult?

"Nothing. People can believe or disbelieve what they want. I couldn't care less."

Can you talk about your own label, Black Horizon Music?

"We formed our own label Black Horizon Music out of the need of taking charge of our own business and making things our own way, without compromise."

What do you think of the black/death metal scene? Dissection seems to follow its own path apart from this scene? Is it really so and why?

"You are right, and this is simply because we play "Satanist music". We follow our own path in that aspect and we don't have a need to be a part of any music/metal scene. Actually we distance ourselves from it to the highest extent.

For us, there is no scene to be part of, nothing we identify with. What is there? "Death metal", as far as I'm concerned, has got nothing to do with worshipping death, as it according to certain people was meant to be about, and nobody of those who started out the "black metal" thing were Satanists either, and just like the bands of today it was just a gimmick with it's lyrics and imagery.

As the members of Dissection both belong to the cult of Satan-Lucifer and the necrosophic cult of the Lord of Death we have chosen to label our music "Anti-Cosmic Metal of Death" to show the spiritual direction of our work. We don't belong in the current music scene."

How do you view the reception of your actual music after almost 11 years of silence?

"I'm very pleased with how the album has been received so far, both by those who like it and understand it as well as those who don't. As for those who do not understand it, the album was never meant for them. With the music as a ritual tool, we aim at reaching out only to the ones of the same spiritual blood as ours. Those who can find the essence behind the forms of the music. For all the others the music will still just be sounds that they can either like or dislike."

What lies ahead for Dissection, even in these early days of Reinkaos' release?

"Every journey has its end and we are now reaching the end of the line with Dissection, but we still intend to leave our final mark, by performing the material from Reinkaos live."

I have such a strange feeling lately, that Dissection will quit after the Midsummer Massacre. I mean, what else after Reinkaos, what else after the great comeback?

"What we have in front of us now are a few extremely select concerts that will mark the end of Dissection, out of which the Dissection Midsummer Massacre in Sweden on the 24th of June will be the only European concert, as well as the last. We will also make our first and last concert in Israel, as well as two final concerts on the American continent.

I have reached the limitations of music as a tool for expressing what I want to express, for myself and the handful of others that I care about, and I will now move along to other realms of practice.
"Reinkaos" has been our only focus for such a long period of time and all the work and fanatic dedication put into the band by each member has been directed into this album. With "Reinkaos" finally recorded and released I also realize that there is nothing left for me to do with Dissection. We have succeeded with our task to manifest, in essence, a truly Satanic record blessed by the dark gods and we have succeeded with our goal to manifest a truly Satanic band!

My goal was to bring back Dissection with full force and to make it the Satanic unit I always wanted it to be and the tool for completing the personal black magical work that was started many years before. With "Reinkaos" this has all been achieved and I'm very, very pleased with the result. It wouldn't even be desirable for me to follow it up since everything that I ever wanted to express is in there.

That's why we now have decided that this is the time to move on and where Dissection no longer will be an active band. So it's a great victory for me to move beyond this phase of personal becoming.

With "Reinkaos" we have reached the ending chapter. Dissection's work is done and this is our legacy. I want to thank my brothers in battle, Set and Tomas for making this possible. Salve Satan! Salve Azerate 218!"

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Interview, live - and off-stage pictures by Luxi Lahtinen

There has been a lot of fuss around Dissection, the Swedish masters of Satanic black-ish Death Metal, especially with Jon Nödtveidt, the band's founding member, frontman and true mastermind, getting a completely new Dissection line-up together. The band is ready to step forward from the shadows with a 'big bang'.

The band started their 'The Rebirth of Dissection' European tour from a completely sold out gig in Stockholm, Sweden on the 30th of October. When they finally arrived in Helsinki, Finland on the 4th of November for the very first time in the entire history of the band, I decided to use the opportunity to find out more facts from Jon Nödtveidt about the band's '2nd coming' and about the things that eventually brought the band back again.

The whole band was present backstage and the new Dissection members Set and Brice wanted to give their own input for the interview as well. Also, I guess it should be mentioned that Dissection's new single titled MAHA KALI was released just a short while ago and it has been sharing opinions amongst the Dissection fans quite drastically indeed due to its a bit different approach musically compared to the band's past releases.

The rebirth of Dissection is here... and now I let Jon, Brice and Set to talk more accurately about it and to clear up some rumors about the band as well.

Dear Metal dudes and dudettes... Dissection speaks out.


First off, how does it feel to be back with Dissection and making around some 'noise' again?

Jon: It's just unbelievable!! It's so great, I really cannot put any words to it how I feel to have this band back in action again. It really feels unreal, over the top. I'm just happy that we can be around again to make some 'noise' again as you put it so nicely, he-he!!

You recently played a completely sold-out gig in Stockholm and received some amazing response from that particular gig. How did it feel to notice that your fans have never forgotten Dissection and have been there for you for all these years, awaiting the return of Dissection?

Brice: It was simply a very special atmosphere coming from the fans of the band as we played for them for the 1st time for many years, you know.

Jon: Yes, the audience was very strong and very powerful, you know. The feeling overall was energetic and... the audience was just very good and supportive toward us, so I cannot complain a bit, he! The response from them was incredible. They were screaming and singing and being supportive toward us 100%, so it's definitely nice to be back. It also feels so great to see and meet all the people who have been there all these years for us, kind of waiting our return back to the scene again. It's also something that I cannot put into any words to describe my innermost feelings well enough over the whole thing as this is absolutely beyond any words.

Set: It was kinda weird because people came from all over the world to see us playing our reunion in Stockholm; from the U.S.A., Mexico...

Seriously, did you just say, even as far away as from Mexico...?!

Jon: Yeah...

Wow...! That must have been something for you then...

Set: Yes, definitely! That really meant something very special for us...

Jon: Yeah, it was a very special gig for us all in all, I can tell.

I read that the place for your reunion gig was 2-3 times for a bigger place because originally there were more people coming to your gig than they had tickets available to that particular gig...

Jon: Yeah, exactly. That's what happened.

And finally this gig was booked to a venue called Arenan ? and even that was sold out like in no time...

Jon: Yes, it was simply amazing that so many people came to see us there.


You also played the whole STORM OF THE LIGHT'S BANE ALBUM on that particular show in Stockholm. Did you feel like playing all the songs off that album, was some sort of 'necessary evil' toward your fans?

Jon: He-he-he... in a way, yeah, I think people were waiting so long to hear us playing those songs again and with the rebirth of Dissection wanted to, you know, reconnect people with our past and start off this band again by playing most of the old songs for everybody who had waited for us for this long and haven't seen Dissection live for many, many years. And for those who also waited for this long and didn't get to see Dissection in the past when we were around back in the day, you know. I can tell that we really enjoyed every second when we were playing our songs for the audience. It was amazing. We picked up the songs for our set that we felt we liked to play, so...

How would you view the amazing success of your last album STORM OF THE LIGHT'S BANE? What are those key elements on that album that made it such a success story in the entire career of Dissection?

Jon: I think that particular album has a special 'black' essence that's hard to put into any words, you know, put the word into the feeling and all the music on that album. But apart from that, I think, you know, it's amazing to see how big effect it had for the whole Black/Death Metal genre in general. For us it was just like we wanted to express ourselves musically as well as we could at that time, do our best we were capable of doing back then, you know. But we could never imagine that this record would be such a success for us as it turned out eventually. Even now, today, after all these years in prison, it's like a shock for me to see how many people know the songs in it so well and come to our shows and are totally about the band, you know.

Did you ever get any sales figures from Nuclear Blast how many copies of STORM OF THE LIGHT'S BANE album have been sold worldwide?

Jon: I simply have no idea at all, but I'm positive they sold quite a lot of albums worldwide, that's for sure.

You are the only one left from the line-up of STORM OF THE LIGHT'S BANE. How did you find the rest of the guys for the new Dissection line-up?

Jon: Well, when we started to put the band back together, I had had a contact to Set for a while already. Then I got a tape from Brice and Thomas, our drummer, he got in touch with us when he heard that Faust left the band. And it basically was as simple as that. We figured that everything suited very well, you know, it suited perfectly when it became evident that with this line-up everything was so perfect and smooth in our rehearsals, on the personal level and even on the philosophical level where we see Dissection ourselves as a Satanic band. So these three elements were the most important to us and they just clicked, you know, they worked out right from the start with this line-up. And that was what I was looking for, you know, people who had these ambitions there already, you know. That was not a very easy thing to find in the beginning. We got lots of video tapes and we received lots of mails, but I gotta tell you that finding the right members for this band was actually very hard. But eventually when we came to the point to try these other members out in the new Dissection line-up, it really clicked right from the start. It was an immediate thing, you could actually feel it.


So you didn't have to try out like dozens and dozens and dozens of candidates to find the most suitable guys for the new Dissection line-up?

Jon: No, no, no.... after we tried out these three members, I knew that, well, this is it, so... We just wanted to have time for rehearsing together and all that, but we felt, well, this is just so perfect line-up for the band, you know.

You have Thomas on drums who has played drums for Dark Funeral earlier; then you have Seth on guitar (ex-Aborym) and Brice on bass (ex-Nightrage). How would you compare this current line-up to the previous line-up you had on the STORM OF THE LIGHT'S BANE album? How would you say the chemistry between each of you in this current line-up differs from the past Dissection line-up?

Jon: Hmm... tough question, but I think the biggest difference is that we all are very focused persons and more like a band compared to the previous Dissection line-up as that wasn't always the case before. And because of this, the feeling and the atmosphere in the band is a lot better and I think we have even common goals about the satanic concept we have in the band. And that's is the most important thing as we are a satanic band. But it's still very natural for us to have this image because this is one of the things that we have been looking for right from the beginning, to have as solid line-up ideology-wise as possible, too.

As far as I know Set is originally from Italy and Brice from France? Do you guys still live in your own home countries?

Brice: No. we are both located in Stockholm now...

Ok, that's why I needed to ask this because I was simply just wondering how on earth you guys would able to have band practices if you still lived in your home countries, quite far away from Sweden. But that definitely clarifies this situation quite much...

Set: I've been living in Sweden for 2 years and half now.

Alright, I didn't know that at all...

Jon: Set moved up directly to Sweden when he became officially a new member of Dissection, so... This is also one of those things as we wanted to be an active band. We don't want to do a tour and then, you know, something else and then just look around what will happen. We want to be an active band and work together full time. And to be able to do that we have to be in the same spot.


You have this new Dissection single coming up titled MAHA KALI?

Jon: It'll be coming out soon, but it's not out yet. Right now it's still in the factory under a pressing process. I think it probably should be out 9th of November. It will hit the stores a little bit after that date.

Set: During this month (November) anyway...

Jon: Yeah...

How many songs will it have?

Jon: Two songs; the title track 'Maha Kali' and a new recording of 'Unhallowed' to reconnect the old material with the new line-up.

Ok, I see. Also I suppose you have already written a bunch of new stuff for your next album, so how would you say this new Dissection stuff is different compared to the material on STORM OF THE LIGHT'S BANE, for example?

Jon: Our new stuff is heavier and more straight-forward type of stuff, I think. But unmistakably Dissection all the way. you know, 7 years since we were an active band and with the new line-up, but the essence of Dissection is the same. We always try to take it a next step forward and create something new.

Was one of your main targets musically to try to maintain at least partly the same old Dissection vibe that you used to have in the past so that people could hear right away that's it still sounds like Dissection?

Jon: I think that's what comes naturally from us anyway because it turns out like that. We always wrote music in a special way that like... well, we just write music and then we simply find out that this stuff sounds like Dissection anyway.

He-he, so it's as simple as that actually...?

Jon: Yeah, it's like that. It has always been like that for us.

How much do you think you're able to stretch your sound in order to still be recognized as Dissection?

Jon: I think it's hard to say what are those particular elements that make us sound like Dissection, you know. It's not one or two specific thing (-s) because if you found that formula, what would it be, what would you say it was, you know. It's about the feeling; it's really about the feeling and if you listened to our previous recordings, you could notice there's a lot of different variation and different moods in our music from very brutal and fast parts to very calm and clean parts, you know. So I'm just wondering what is that single element or those single elements that make us sound like Dissection because we play a wide variety of different ways within our style. So it's something that has to do with this special feeling in the end, however. You just feel it if it's there or not. So far we have felt that the new stuff, you know, very much Dissection and to us it feels like we are creating like the ultimate Dissection album right now. We'll not copy the old style that much we had on our previous albums because that's not too interesting to us any longer. Our music would be dead if we tried to make it just an exact copy of our past albums, you know. So we always try to be as dynamic band as possible, step forward and create something new, but with the hands that create the music, the basic sound of Dissection, will always be there.


Generally, I have seen many people debating whether Dissection belongs to the Black Metal genre or Death Metal genre or some other genre of Metal? What's your own view about this? Is there any particular musical genre where you fit better than to some other known genre of today?

Jon: I have a simple answer to your difficult question: We belong to 'anti-cosmic Metal of death' genre, he!

He, he... could you explain more accurately what this particular description includes?

Jon: Well, it's the Metal of death, you know. It's all about death; the key to liberation. And it's the anti-cosmic Metal of death because our music is, you know, in harmony with the forces that are surrounding this cosmic universe, the destructive and dissolving powers. And it's Satanic Metal; anti-cosmic Satanic Metal of death. That's the musical,- lyrical- and philosophical point of the band.

Yeah, and I think to write both very focused music and very focused lyrics seems to go kind of hand-in-hand in Dissection...

Jon: Yeah, both of these aspects have always been very important to us. It's really both of the same thing. Two different parts of the same thing... So both the music and lyrics are an inseparable thing to us. They always go together for us as two very important things as far as Dissection's songs go.

Brice: Everything in our songs to us is equally important, both the music and the lyrics. Everything...

Jon: Exactly, because the inspiration that we get to write this music, comes from the topics that we write lyrics about. The music would not sound the same if we had other sources of inspiration. This is just different ways of expressing this, you know, through our music and lyrics.

How do you guys share the song writing process inside Dissection nowadays?

Brice: Jon does everything...

Jon: Yeah, because I already had the up-coming album written before I found the new line-up for Dissection. It's too early to say how this thing will be in the future because we haven't started with any more additional song writing at the moment because we have been focusing on this 'Rebirth of Dissection' tour so much lately and rehearsing the old material as well as the material that we are intent to put on our next album. So at this point it's just too early to say, you know.

I suppose you already have some nominees for working titles of your forth-coming album...

Jon: Yes indeed we have, but it's unfortunately way too early to reveal them.


And Nuclear Blast will eventually release it... or are you still with them?!

Jon: We are not on Nuclear Blast any more.

You are not?

Jon: No, we are not. We haven't signed any new deals yet because we want to make sure that we pick the right label for the next album. So we get a lot of offers, but we'll wait a bit longer before doing our final decision 'til we come back from this tour. I can tell that we have got lots of interesting offers.

But that's still like a 'hush-hush' thing inside the band, not to be revealed for a curious public?

Jon: Yeah, because we haven't even been negotiating with any labels yet.

Can you tell how many songs it will contain then?

Jon: Eleven songs altogether.

And all these songs are going to be new Dissection songs; no remakes of any old songs or whatever?

Jon: All songs will be new Dissection songs on our forth-coming album.

So there still isn't any other members of this band touch in any of these songs that will be featured for this upcoming Dissection album?

Jon: Not in terms of writing the music, but when we play this stuff together and rehearse it, it comes to a high level. When we rehearse this new stuff as a whole band, all the members, you know, color the music in their own way and they always bring it to the high level. That's how it was since the beginning, so it something that happens when the chemistry of the band works well together.

Have you already booked a studio for the recordings of this forth-coming Dissection album?

Jon: Not yet.

But obviously you guys already have some plans where you might record it, I assume?

Jon: Yeah, but we don't know yet where we could record our next album as we are still planning it.

Set: It depends on a lot of different things.

Jon: It depends on certain circumstances...

Set: Exactly...

What about some producers then... do you have any names in mind that could possibly have the best understanding to produce a band like Dissection?

Jon: Well, we have some names in our minds already, but the thing is basically the same as with this studio thing because we haven't made any decisions yet. It's really way too early to say anything about producers of the next Dissection album at this point, you know.

So when is this tour, 'The Rebirth of Dissection' going to end?

Jon: By the end of December 2004. We are coming back to Sweden right before X-mas.

And right after this gig here in Finland you'll play... where exactly?

Set: In Villnius, Lithunia 6th of November.

Jon: And right after that we'll play in Poland, Germany, Greece...

Set: ... Bulgaria...

Jon: Yes... Hungary, Slovekia, Austria, Italy, France, Spain and Czech Republic.

Wow... that's quite a lot of different countries...

Jon: The Netherlands, Belgium, England and Ireland.

Do you have any advance info from the booking agents whether some of these gigs are already sold out?

Jon: Some of them are sold-out already.

Brice: For example we already know that our gig in Munchen is sold-out already. Also our gigs in Poland are sold-out in advance already.

Jon: Some other places are also sold-out, but there are some places on this tour that we have no idea how they have been selling thus far, you know. But we are getting informed about them all the time, though.

I already heard that even this gig here at Nosturi is already quite near to be sold out; almost 900 tickets sold...

Jon: That sounds excellent, it really does.

Brice: It's pretty damn cool...

I don't wonder it a bit because this is your first time to play here in Finland anyway, so...

Jon: Yes, yes... this is our first time to play in Finland and it feels really great to be able to come and play here. We feel very great about playing here because it's been seven years since Dissection played live last time and there's a lot of places that we never got to play, for example countries like Finland, so it's always sort of a victory for us to be able to come to those places where we haven't played before, you know. Especially as Finland is so close to Sweden, it's great to be here for the first time and play our Dissection fans over here as if our Finnish Dissection 'fans have wanted to see us playing live, they have always had to travel to Sweden to see us, you know. So it's really cool that we finally managed to get this gig booked here.

Set: And that's only the beginning from us...

Jon: Yeah, absolutely as we will definitely come back to Finland!!

Sounds like a cool plan... I don't think I'll be the first one to complain 'bout it...


What do you think of some of these latest comebacks...I mean, bands like Exodus, Death Angel, Destruction, etc. - Judas Priest getting together with Rob Halford and so on? And now even you came back with Dissection! Undoubtedly there has been a huge 'boom' for all these reunions of some certain bands...

Set: I see Dissection's case as very different compared to these other bands' reunions.

Jon: Because we never really quit in the first place at all...

Set: Yes, exactly!

Jon: The old line-up dissolved, but before I was arrested, I was putting a new line-up back together. So in this case we had obstacles in our way that made us absence from the scene. But it was never a case that we consciously or intentionally made the band to take this break. This happened because of the circumstances, you know, the circumstances that we unable to change.

Set: As for those other bands that have been reunited after being away from the scene fro many years, I think it's up to every band whether they are in for it because the spirit or just for the money. Personally I'm not interested in judging or commenting any bands' purposes why they do it, being it for the spirit or for the money.

Jon: I don't know how they feel about themselves, so it's very hard say anything really.

Thank you guys for this nice conversation. I'll let you go now to do your sound check for tonight's gig. If you have any messages to your Finnish Dissection fans especially, then feel free to spit them out...

Jon: We are finally managed to get here to play for all of you crazy Dissection fans and we will definitely kick your ass tonight.

Thank you guys again...

Jon: Alright, thank you very much!

Set: Thank you to yourself...

Brice: Thank you!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Interview with Jon Nödtveidt (June 2003)

Some information sources say you are working on the new Dissection stuff these days. There's going a new album some time (except the live one), could you please tell us about it a little bit?

First of all, the release of "Live Legacy" marks perfectly the end of the first era in the history of Dissection. "Live Legacy" is hence the legacy of the old days, but is also a strategic forewarning of the second era, the coming dark aeon, and the great return of Dissection! Ever since my time in custody I kept the fire of Dissection burning in my black heart. I have been composing music in my mind all the way, and when I later got my guitar I could finally get to seriously work on and develop all new ideas coming up. I abound in inspiration from victories to come and from the power of my inner black flame. My influence is the Satanic quintessence, the flaming inner divine will to power, and the wholeness of the Anti-cosmic powers. I have written and completed eleven songs for the forthcoming third studio album, which will be recorded next year 2004 at my release from prison! The eleven songs are in the classic, characteristic but developed and evolved Dissection style. In essence, this is the ultimate, archetypal Dissection album! We will hit the scene even harder than people expect!

What's the present line-up of the band?

I'm proud to announce Faust as the new official drummer in Dissection. We know each other since the early ninetees and throughout the years in prison we kept in touch. This resulted in that I asked him to join Dissection at his parole, which he did. I'm totally convinced that Faust will become the ultimate Dissection drummer. He's an incredibly powerful and talented drummer as well as a great friend. We have both learned things the hard way, and grown many times stronger as a result. Both Faust and I share the same relentless hunger and will to power and vengeance, which we will direct towards the forthcoming studio album and the grand return of Dissection next year. The rest of the formation is still not official, but I can say that all members constituting the dark entity of Dissection must possess the required elite musical skills as well as superior will to progression and perfection. They must also be fully able to stand behind and represent the Anti-cosmic and Chaos-gnostic concept of Dissection! It is the essence behind the surface that is the most important thing for Dissection, the dynamic sinister energies that we channel and spread with our music, and the new line-up it shall become the best and most powerful ever! We will begin the rehearsals later this year.

Are you going to release the stuff you were supposed to release in 1997-98 before you got into trouble?

We were supposed to record an album with a new line-up in '98 but since I ended up in prison these plans where changed. Our forthcoming third studio album next year will include some material/ideas planned for that recording, but since these ideas never were fully arranged or completed, they have evolved and matured a lot during the years. So the album to be recorded next year will be a combination of material written both before and after my imprisonment.

As far as I can see you continue your MLO activities. What's your part there? Your status (if it's not a secret) and… How do you see your goal (as far as this organization is concerned). Does any Satanist have the right to become one of the MLO members?

I'm a member of the MLO (Misanthropic Luciferian Order) since 1995. MLO is a Chaos-Gnostic order, which seek the true light of Lucifer through the study, development and practice of all dark, gnostic and Satanic magical systems. Our goal is to create a synthesis between the dark traditions of all aeons, this way creating the occult keys that shall open the gates to the forthcoming endless dark aeon. My status within the order is the one of a full member of the second grade and a Priest of Satan. To become a candidate one must first of all already be an Anti-cosmic Satanist and actively practicing black magician. He/She must wholeheartedly sympathize and share the misanthropic and anti-cosmic values of the order, and then be ready to dedicate his/her entire existence to following his/her true will in accordance to the dark gods. Becoming an initiate is a long and hard process and and can take several years.

How did you get in MLO? Some sources say it was you who organized it… but I don't really know for sure.

I didn't organize the MLO, but I was introduced to the order by close friends at a quite early stage.

What is your opinion on the Satanist church organized by LaVey? What do you think about his work by the way?

LaVey has created a tame, non-dynamic, pacifistic/atheistic and essenceless form of, what he calls, Satanism. It has got nothing to do with real Satanism in it's true and primal form.

Are there any rules a true Satanist should stick to? Do you personally have any rules for your life?

My true will is my law and I thereby, without mercy, punish all violations against it.

How can you describe yourself as a person? What are the most essential features of your character? Do you sometimes feel you are being misunderstood as a person?

I consciously and wholeheartedly struggle against the cosmic tyranny and oppression that mankind as a whole willingly has submitted to. I refuse to be a servant to the cosmic order and being someone elses creation, a passive victim of cosmic fate, chained to the wheel of life, blinded by illusions and lies that only has one purpose; to keep us in line in a system controlled by the oppressor. Anti-cosmic Satanism manifests the opposite to what the oppressor (cosmos) wants you to be and is hence unnatural, revolutionary and elitic. Anti-cosmic Satanism is the dark, strengthening, dangerous and revolutionary path of the strong who, by his own strong will, strive for liberation and enlightenment, thus refusing to accept the inherited yoke of humanity. I choose to eternally become, to consciously strive away from, and beyond, the pre-dictated conditions for existence and to struggle towards becoming completely selfmade, in accordance to my own true will, free from all weaknesses and chains that bind us to the cosmic creation. This will to power and perpetual becoming is, from a cosmic point of view, unnatural as it leads straight into the purifying darkness of the unknown. It is therefore not in harmony with cosmos, but with the Anti-cosmic impulse. This Anti-cosmic impulse is the external aspect of the inner black flame and is, described as our god and ideal, Satan, Lucifer, Set! I view Satan as the wild and Chaotic power that constantly breaks down all stagnant and essenceless forms, forcing the creation, the cosmic order, back to the formless Chaos it descends from. Lucifer is my ideal, the archetypal representation for spiritual enlightenment and the Promethean thirst for knowledge (Prometheus – Greek Mythology – stole the fire of the gods). Therefore I must strive to bring revolution, wisdom and liberation. Anti-cosmic Satanism represents the ultimate revolution against the comsic oppression. I hence believe in the total extinction of cosmic order, the Day of Wrath (The Great Dissolution, Mahapralaya, Ragnarök). Until then I shall continuously become stronger, letting my inner black flame rise completely so that my essence can transcend and become one with it's external source. My anti-cosmic philosophy, visions and ideals stand for the struggle towards boundless freedom of the spirit and the returning to Chaos. If I sometimes feel misunderstood? For sure, but Anti-cosmic Satanism is not for the apathetic masses. It is for the secret elite who carry the divine Luciferian spark inside.

Are you going to continue experimental music writing? Something in the vein of De Infernali?

Not likely, De Infernali was just something we made to get money for weapons.

What's your attitude to the nazi-trend in modern black metal? Several years ago everybody seemed to be a Satanist, either involved in magic or/and occult things. Nowadays most of these guys turned into fascists… fashion or…?

Just belonging to a certain nationality will never make you superhuman. Simple racism or nationalism is nothing but just another herd-mentality for feeble-minded humans to, without logical reason, make themselves feel superior to each other in all their confusion, without having to accomplish anything at all but just being the mentally passive, easily-guided apathetic flocks of cattle that they are! The true elite, on the other hand, is guided by the inner black flame, the dynamic and Chaotic force that lies dormant within their souls. The true elite is self-made! The true elite is actively becoming rather than just passively being. My personal Satanic alchemy has driven me towards constant development, and my inner black flame has grown stronger and stronger as a result of all years' conscious and unconscious evolution, strengthening and hardening ordeals, and true experience of the Satanic current on the burning sinister path! A path of eternal becoming where the weak perish. So, in cases like the one you mentioned where people are just following the trends, where there never was no essence, but only shallow forms and empty image, there would instead be stagnation and regression. It's a known fact that almost none of the supposed "satanic" bands had the slightest clue or knowledge about genuine Satanic philosophy. I therefore find it pathetic, childish and embarrasing! The Black Metal scene was always full of pretenders and "imitation-satanists"…and nowadays the pretenders don't even pretend anymore! The weak has sorted out themselves!

What does your usual day consist of? How much time do you spend on your musical activities? You must already have written A LOT of new stuff, haven't you?

Many years have passed since the last studio album and I have developed a lot since then, both as a musician and composer. The eleven new songs for the next full-length album are the result of a long and inspiring songwriting process and a constant striving for evolution and perfection. I spend my time sharpening my claws and my pitch-black burning heart is flaming with the craving for revenge and total victory!

Do you have the possibility to follow the events on the metal scene? What was the latest album you heard?

When it comes to the metal scene all I care about is our loyal fans! As for the metal scene as a whole, I don't find it the least appealing and I haven't heard anything that I think is worth mentioning. I'm more interested in the scene that we will create! You will witness the rise of a new Satanic aeon!

What is the strongest (in lyrical aspect) song Dissection has ever made?

It is for sure the new lyrics for the forthcoming studio album next year. The new lyrics are Satanic formulas, Voces Magicae (the magic of the spoken word), with which I intentionally channel and release the Anti-cosmic, Chaotic currents of the wrathful gods. This will include an advanced ritualization of the whole recording session and just by listening to the album will then literally result in that you are releasing the energies channelled by the music. I use sound vibrations, formulas, words and names of power that within the Anti-cosmic tradition have been charged and have the purpose and function to influence those who listen to the music and hear the formulas. This is nothing we've done before on our earlier recordings, but a new conscious step in the evolution and strategy of Dissection. Dissection is the herald of misanthropic revolution, bringer of change and Chaos-gnostic awakening. We are part of the Chaotic fire that burn and dissolve the cosmic creation from within.

What do you think about Soulreaper? Some critics say this band continues best Dissection traditions?

I think it's a shame and disgrace that the same betrayers who did their best to kill Dissection and put me in prison at the same time as they are actively are speading lies and misinformation in the scene also are trying to benefit from being ex-Dissection members. However, by doing so they only made fools of themselves, not Dissection. The path of Dissection obviously became too dark for these weak betrayers.

Do you keep in touch with your brother Emil? What's your opinion about his musical projects (Swordmaster - one of the old ones, Deathstars - the new one)?

We keep in touch, but I haven't heard from him in a while. When it comes to his musical projects I think he's real talented.

Your top 5 favourite albums for ever and ever?

Hard to say... But some albums that have meant a lot to me and got me into this whole metal thing back in the 80's are: Iron Maiden – "Number of the beast", Accept – "Restless and wild" and AC/DC – "Highway to Hell", just to name a few... Important albums for me are also Metallica – "Ride the lightning" and Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force - "s/t"…

Your english is really good and the lyrics exquisitely well done. What authors influenced you most of all? And… where did you learn the language that well?

Thanks for the compliment. My English is far from perfect, but I always strive for improvement. I started to learn this language from reading lyrics when I was real young, and apart from what I also learned in school I still learn a lot from watching movies and reading. The sources of lyrical influence varies a lot…

As far as I can see from your personal discography you are a great fan of thrash metal. You used to play in several thrash & heavy metal bands in the beginning of your career. What's your attitude to this musical style nowadays? Are there any new thrash metal bands you enjoy listening to, and by the way, why did you turned from your thrash metal way unto the black metal path?

Dissection has always been about genuine essence! Dynamic, sonic darkness! My musical ambition with Dissection has always been to upset the status quo, to push and even break the present limits and musical rules that others follow. This towards creating something closer and closer to the ever-evolving vision of Dissection. My aim with Dissection is fulfilling my dark artistic and musical dreams. It's about complete artistical freedom and my infernal love for this sinister music, always crossing new boundaries and striving for continuous evolution, and hence the opposite to limiting myself to any supposed musical category as so many others seem to be doing. My aim is to introduce the listener to true darkness and let them experience the liberating, Chaotic potential that we can find deep within ourselves; the black flame. I want to sow the Anti-cosmic seed in the listener's unconscious, this way burning new dark holes in the collective worldsoul and the human psyche. This way speeding up the Anti-cosmic evolution leading the cosmic creation back to the formless Chaos it descends from. Dissection is nothing but an instrument for channeling the wrath of the ancient gods of darkness. I want the listener to unchain and release the fettered beast within, break the cosmic chains of illusion, slavery and stagnation. Chaos from order. Hail The Beast!

If you had the possibility to turn back time and change anything in your life, what would you do?

I believe in evolution through experience, and sometimes the ordeals can be severe. But that only serves to strengthen your spirit! Therefore I wouldn't turn back time as I choose to do my desired changes in the present and thus focus on the future, not the past. All in accordance to my own true will!

What are the main values of your life?

What value the most and continuously strive for is freedom beyond all limitations.

Did you think the years in prison changed your outlook, your behaviour, your attitude towards life in any way? I had an interview with Tchort sometime ago and he said imprisonment was really one of the turning points in his life. He learned a lot of things this way. Isn't that the case with you?

The experience of these hard years in prison, all setbacks and adversities, have meant constant personal development, strengthening and evolution. Prison is where the weak die and the strong survive! These years have strengthened my will a thousand times around. My hunger for Dissection is stronger than ever. Of course there were moments when everything seemed distant, in the aspect of time, but Dissection has still always been very, very present in my black heart. There was never a moment where I doubted the future and the return of the band. I kept the flame of Dissection burning through it all and it is today burning stronger than ever! Through hardships to the stars, as they say… Dissection will return on the full grand scale! What we were in the past is nothing compared to what we will become! Dissection will return, ravage, conquer, dominate and take what is ours! We want blood and our hunger is ínsatiable! For too long the unworthy have thrived! Bathing in the blood of the unworthy, Dissection will celebrate total victory. Expect no mercy! The coming dark aeon is ours!

And finally… Your words (wishes) to the Russian and CIS-countries fans?

First and foremost, the incredible support during these hard years, from the mighty legions of unfaltering fans has been totally overwhelming and has truly been the greatest honour! And it is with the greatest pride that I, to all of you Russian and CIS-countries fans, declare the return of Dissection! See you all real soon! By the Anti-cosmic Metal of Death I salute all of you, for we are all truly brothers, and sisters, in arms! As I mentioned earlier, eleven songs are written for our third studio album next year. Eleven songs channelling the wrath of the ancient gods of darkness and the energies of the Anti-cosmic current. Dissection shall burn the scene of today to ashes! We will bring Chaos to the world! We shall initiate the darkest epoch in music-history and open the gates to the coming dark aeon! There shall be no escape! Fear the sons of the black flame! Fear The Return! HAIL AZERATE!!

Anastasiya 'AC' Samotyja, Soundz Online Magazine,

Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Requiem #6 (1996)


Have you ever danced with the devil? Once asked a spirit in black. For guitarist/vocalist Jon Nödtveidt and his diabolical band DISSECTION, the answer seems heavily weighted on "yes". It was a sunny Autumn evening when I received a call from Jon in Gothenburg, Sweden. Surely, the blithe weather didn't reflect on our conversation, but Jon was a pleasant fellow to converse with about DISSECTION and the current state of metal. Please read on as Jon and I gaze from crimson towers, to forlorn lands, only to see a lost kingdom... With a black horizon setting, DISSECTION prepare for their first U.S. release via Relapse/Nuclear Blast. Hail Storm of the Light's Bane in all its majestic glory. Night has never been so dark.

What kind of influences do DISSECTION have as far as playing melodic and aggressive music?

"Well, metal, in general, because we have always been a death metal band. But since we have been into heavy metal and old thrash metal for a very long time, it's natural for us to bring influences from the melodic kind of style as well. We are totally into the dark side of things, personally, and as a band. We want to play dark music and I think that playing brutal is very interesting, but melodies can bring a lot more feeling into the music. If you play more depressed melodies and so on, it will bring a whole new dimension into the music. It's very hard to describe because reflecting on what we play, we just write from our hearts. We don't have a special direction to work from, we just play the style we play. We like to play music which is dark and evil death metal."

Wise words spoken from a true death metaller.

Ha! Yeah! He he."

So you're influenced by DESTRUCTION, SODOM, KREATOR, etc.?

Yeah, of course! Even old METALLICA and that kind of stuff. We don't think of old METALLICA as wimp music. Because when you think about it, the time it was released it was very brutal stuff. It was even faster than VENOM! We are into old hard rock, heavy metal. You know when we started out in the end of 1989, we were playing death metal. As always when you play for a while you start to get your own identity and more of your own style. We just developed and progressed a bit."

The Somberlain L.P. received a massive response in the underground. How do you feel about people claiming DISSECTION are one of the best bands in Sweden? The reviews have been spectacular. Are you satisfied with the end result on The Somberlain?

Yeah! We are very, very happy with how people have received the album. It's pretty much an underground release, because it was released on a small label. It was mainly bought by people in the underground scene, I think. You know, we are very honoured by the response, which was massive according to us. We didn't expect too much of it, because the album was delayed, and there were a couple of old songs and so on. We were very happy when we saw what people thought of it."

What happened to guitarist Jon Zwetsloot?

"When we recorded the album, we were living in different places in Sweden due to different reasons. Things like work, school, etc. At that point in time we didn't rehearse that much. We actually rehearsed two times before we recorded the album."

What?!? Only twice?

"Yeah (laughing). That was in a period of a couple of months. We had all the material written and rehearsed before we went into the studio, expect for "Black Horizons". We had written "Black Horizons" half a year before we recorded the album. However, the day before we recorded the album, we arranged the whole song. We didn't even know how it would sound in the end. Anyway, as we didn't rehearse that much, we didn't have any problems. We couldn't tell or foresee how we were developing as people when it came to ambitions. Maybe half a year after we recorded the album, we moved in together here in gothenburg, Sweden. It was mainly that John had lost his ambitions for the band; he wasn't into rehearsing. He never showed up at rehearsals, even though the rehearsal place was only one hundred meters from his apartment. We just thought that, after another half a year of this, he could go and fuck himself because we didn't want him in the band anymore. He made us acancel a gig just because he wouldn't carry his guitar case to the rehearsal place the day before, so... Of course, he is a very good guitarist. He was very innovative when it came to writing innovative riffs, but it was more or less like a waste of talent when he didn't give his soul into the band anymore. We kicked him out and, one day after, we got the new guitarist, Johan Norman. We called him up the same day as John was kicked out and asked him if he wanted to try out playing in DISSECTION. He came the day after and it sounded good, so therefore he was in the band. He's a very good musician and a good friend; he's very, very serious about what we are doing. Johan is extremely ambitious and he has the same mentality as we do, so he's a good replacement."

Well, Johan has definitely proven himself on "Night's Blood". I was wondering if you recorded the song "Where Dead Angels Lie" at the same time as The Somberlain?

"No, it was recorded maybe two weeks after we kicked John out. It was only me on guitar on that one, because we didn't have time to teach Johan the song. We told him to pick some songs from the first album and learn them; and then to come to the rehearsal place. The new tracks (on the W.A.R. compilation) were then, only played by me."

And what gave you the inspiration to do a cover of TORMENTOR's "Elisabeth Bathori"? That's a very strange song to cover when only a handful of people in the underground are familiar with the band.

Well, it was mainly because we reckon that demo is one of the best; Anno Domini. We were talking about that band, and I thought they're very original, and I liked the music; so we covered one of their songs. Yeah, it was an interesting idea to play a song from them, because they are relatively unknown. They are more like a cult band, than anything."

I know a lot of people were shocked when you signed to Nuclear Blast. It seems that everybody had the wierd idea that N.B. could only sign death/thrash metal, not some evil cult band from the west coast of Sweden.

"Yeah, I know what you're saying, but the only reason we signed to Nuclear Blast was because they offered us the best deal. We were negotiating with a couple of labels at the time, and in the end we found out that they (N.B.) could do the best work for us. We had a lot of problems with No Fashion, so we were pretty pissed off with all labels. We weren't too keen on being treated like shit, so ... No Fashion didn't do any promotion for the band until they saw it selling on various distribution services."

So, Nuclear Blast are putting you on tour (actually they toured with fellow Swedes DISMEMBER during the month of December), right? Didn't you do a tour with CRADLE OF FILTH?

No, we didn't. It was an offer we got, but we turned it down, because we didn't want to tour before the album was released. We made a couple of shows with them in April '95, which was a great experience for us, because we never played outside Scandinavia before. We just played three shows with them in England. There were two in London, and one in Bradford. The show at the Marquee in London was really great!"

It seems the response is very good to the live version of DISSECTION. We have a live video of DISSECTION in '93, in Norrköping, and the melodies and everything sounded great.

"At that time we didn't make very many shows, because we were living in completely different places, so we made only four or five live shows. We played two shows in Norrköping. We are much better live nowadays, because at that point we didn't rehearse that much. Now since we rehearse constantly and have serious band members, we are naturally a much better live band."

Moving on to the album, I was wondering where songs like "Son of the Mourning" came from. Was it an advance track from Storm of the Light's Bane?

"Oh no. It's not an advance track for the album. They were recorded in September of last year It was mainly to check out how the songs would sound. "Son of the Mourning" is actually an old song re-recorded, put as a bonus track on the Japanese version of The Somberlain. So, it won't be on the album."

I noticed on "Night's Blood" that before the melodic interplay, there seems to be an intensity that only a band like SLAYER can bring. Was that what you were aiming at?

"Yeah, I think. The whole album ranges from being very brutal to slow and doomy. But as I said, we are into old thrash bands, so it's natural for something like that to come out."

How come you didn't employ any other types of singing on the new album? I thought for sure some good, normal singing would be used.

"Oh, no. It had to be death metal vocals. Only the brutal style because I can't sing."

Well, you did a pretty good MERCYFUL FATE type scream on "Black Horizons".

Yeah, but it's actually not me. It's Dan (Swanö). I just stuck a dagger into his asshole and he went screaming! (laughter) It turned out to be great, didn't it?" (more laughter)

Yeah, pure agony!

"We had Dan do some desperate screams on the new one, but it's more screech-like. I tried to vary my voice a lot on the new album, but it's till done in a very brutal way. I tried to capture the feeling of the lyrics."

What kind of expectations do you have when they released the album? It seems that the whole of Europe shuddered when it finally hit the shelves.

"Well, they have been doing good promotion for the album. They are sending us on tour. We want out album to have good distribution in America as well, so then we will be able to tour there."

I know this may seem like a typical question, but honestly Jon, what do you think of the whole black metal explosion? The popularity of death metal seemed to shift with the wind as soon as EMPEROR released their MCD and the advances of MAYHEM's De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas L.P. started circulating.

"As with any trend, I think it's ridiculous. I don't listen to bands because they are cool, or popular, I listen to what I think is good. There are, of course, some good new bands, but I don't think about what bands call themselves. Just because they call themselves black metal doesn't mean they are any good."

Definitely! Do you think that this is happening right now?

"Um...yes. It's always been like that, I guess. It happened to thrash metal, it happened to death metal, so it was bound to happen to black metal. There's a lot of shit out there. There has always been shit music when a particular style is popular, but there's always good bands coming out, which is positive, I think. There's too many bands cloning the bigger bands, but who cares about them anyway? You get tired of all the new black metal and people claiming to be evil and not knowing shit about Satanism or occultism. The black/death scene is so complex these kids don't know anything about it. We don't have any contact with them, so we don't think too much about them."

While on the subject of occultism. The lyrics on the new album are somewhat darker compared to the ones composed for The Somberlain L.P.

"The lyrics are more blasphemic, definitely. We have some more in-your-face type lyrics, it's more obvious what we're saying this time. We have varied the lyrics as well, but our lyrics deal mainly around the subjects of death and evil. They are very personal lyrics, so it is sometimes hard to describe them in just a few words."

So, at what point in time did you become interested in the darker side of life?

When you are a kid, you are always impressed by the most shocking and brutal things. Maybe it was those kind of things that got me into metal. When you start getting into metal, you start listening to more brutal bands. For example, when you listen to heavy metal you find out that thrash is faster, and then you got to hear death metal, so... it's hard to really speak about personal developments. I didn't consider myself a Satanist when I was ten years old."

And do you consider yourself one now?

"Yes. I don't like to talk about this subject matter in interviews. People are very different from each other. If you say you're a Satanist, that doesn't mean that you're exactly like all other Satanists. I am very serious about it, but I don't go out of my way to make a big deal about it. All my views are reflected in my lyrics. All people that claim they are Satanists, at least the ones I talk to, have very different views except for the fundamentals."

How was your time with NIFELHEIM? Their L.P. is very old sounding. Hell, if you hadn't known they were from Sweden, you would think they were from Germany (around the time when DESTRUCTION and KREATOR were great).

"Yeah, I know. It was great because they are close friends and they are a great band. I just stopped by the studio to lay down some leads and noise (on the first track). It was a great time. They are one of the few bands I find interesting."

Any last comments?

"Thanks for the interview. Hail the true metal of death and stay morbid."

Transcribed by Noctir.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Nordic Vision #4 (Norway) 1995


A long awaited second album by DISSECTION is on its way. After a magnificent debut album, expectations are really high for their new one. Surely, Storm of the Light's Bane will be a highlight of 1995. Guitarist and vocalist, Jon Nödtveidt is responsible for the answer.

You are now available with two songs on the Wrong Again Records compilation album. Should we look upon this as a warm up to your coming album?


Will "Where Dead Angels Lie" and "Elisabeth Bathori" only be available on this compilation album?

"The song "Where Dead Angels Lie" will be on our forthcoming album Storm of the Light's Bane as well, but of course in a new recorded version. "Elisabeth Bathori" will only be available on the W.A.R. comp. and a forthcoming sampler from Necropolis Records."

What do you think about the other bands on this CD?

"I don't like them at all. I would advise you to get the Necropolis compilation instead, because there you'll find (amongst others) MAYHEM, ENSLAVED, ABRUPTUM, MARDUK, EMPEROR, ARCTURUS and such great bands."

A while back in time you were playing in England. How many shows did you perform? Who was responsible for your visit to England?

"Yes, we played England at the end of April this year. We did one show in Bradford and two shows in London. The Bradford gig was more or less a warm-up gig for the show the day after, at the Marquee. We had 400 people attending the show in Bradford. The Marquee show was incredible and it was an great experience for us. There were 800 people there and the place was packed! The response from the crowd was amazing. The last show was held at a smaller place called "The Devil's Church" and thanks to one really worthless band called THUS DEFILED (who were one of the support bands) who played above their time schedule, we could only play five songs before the place was closed. The Devil's Church is a part of a pub and they close at eleven o'clock in England. That was really irritating to us, really, but as a whole this UK trip was very good for us, I believe. It was Nuclear Blast that got us these shows."

We believe you played together with CRADLE OF FILTH. There has been some negative talk about them, but what is your impression of the band? What do you think about their successful debut album?

"The first two shows were together with ANCIENT RITES from Belgium and CRADLE OF FILTH. The last show was together with ANCIENT RITES, DARK HERESY and THUS DEFILED. My impression of CRADLE OF FILTH was that they were alright. We didn't get to know them that well but, except for their manager, they treated us well. They are very good live and the album is ok."

Would you say that DISSECTION is a so-called "live band"? What impact does the audience have on your live performance? Do you play better, the bigger and more enthusiastic the audience is?

"We want the audience to go fucking mad! The more insane, raging and violent the crowd is, the better! We don't want them to stand like statues. We want the blood to flow! Blood, fire, DEATH! Yes, we're definitely a live band. I think the reason so many Black Metal bands refuse to play live is that they cannot reproduce their recordings live, and then they blame it on the "trendy crowd" and so on. Who fucking cares? So what if there's some trendy children in the audience? The major part of the crowd can't be that fucking stupid if they support the band. Therefore, they deserve some fucking live bloodbath! And why not tear those little normal wimps apart if they dare to come to see the show?!?"

Now you have signed with Nuclear Blast Records, a label more known for releasing Christian music than quality. Your signing came as a little shock to a lot of people. So what made you sign to this label? Did all the members agree on this decision?

"Why should we turn down their offer just because they have released some crap like MORTIFICATION, etc? We won't let some Christians stand in our way. We were negotiating seriously together with a lawyer with three labels and Nuclear Blast gave us the most advantageous deal. Nuclear Blast is not a Christian label. If so, then why would they sign a Satanic band like DISSECTION?"

Did you sign to them a long time ago? How have you been treated so far? Are you still convinced you signed to the right label?

"So far, we have been treated very well, but we have to wait and see until the album is out."

Rumour tells that Nuclear Blast have ripped off a few bands. Did you consider these rumours before you signed with them? Do you believe in them?

"We haven't heard this before." (for rumours, see ATROCITY)

Have you signed for more than one album? does your contract differ a lot from the one you had with No Fashion?

"We have signed for one album and some options and, yes, the contract differs a lot from the deal with No Fashion. It's much better, I would say."

Will there be a tour in connection with Storm of the Light's Bane?

"Yes, we will be on the road shortly after the release."

Do you think there's a possibility that Nuclear Blast want to send you on tour with, for instance, MORTIFICATION? If so, could you say no without breaking your contract?

"Ha ha!!! Do you think they can send us on tour with a band without our permission? We have very much to decide about this touring thing. And, by the way, they aren't that stupid that they think we would like to tour with shit like MORTIFICATION."

What do you think about the other bands signed to your company? If there will be a tour it will most likey be with another band on your label. Who do you prefer?

"Just because we are signed to Nuclear Blast doesn't mean that we have to tour with another band on that label. Of course, they have given us offers to tour with their bands and we have refused them all. the only Nuclear Blast band we might agree to tour with is DISMEMBER. right now, there's talk of some shows with KREATOR. We'll see what happens."

How do they prioritate DISSECTION? How will the album be promoted?

"We are of high priority, I believe, because they seem to be preparing a lot of stuff connected with the release of Storm of the Light's Bane."

Did you get as big studio budget as you desired? You recorded your great debut album in Hellspawn/Unisound Studios. Was Storm of the Light's Bane also recorded there?

"Yes, we recorded the new album in Hellspawn as well. We received a very big studio budget this time, so besides the recording we also bought a lot of new equipment like guitars, drums, amps, etc."

Will you use the same artist for your album cover this time, too? How will it be like?

"Necrolord will be doing this album painting too. The design will be the reaper."

Is there a big difference between your two albums?

"The new album is faster and more varied, in general. Better sound and so on. Check it out!"

Will Storm of the Light's Bane be released as an L.P. version? What do you prefer; CD or L.P.?

"I like both CD and L.P. but vinyls are nicer in general. Our new album will definitely be out on vinyl and that's great. No Fashion would never do such a thing, because they only care about money."

A wish for the future.....?

"To spread the words of evil. As always..."

Transcribed by Noctir.

Nordic Vision #1 (Norway), 1993


Sweden is here with DISSECTION. Their debut album "The Somberlain" is very good. Jon answered my questions and if anyone would like to get in touch with this band then write to: DISSECTION. Hattmakareg. 3. Lag.64. 45238 Stromstad. Sweden.

What is your current line up, and what are your releases so far.

"Our current line-up has been steady for almost 3 years now and it is: Jon Nödtveidt (vocals/guitars), John Zwetsloot (guitars), Peter Palmdahl (bass), Ole Öhman (drums). We had a lot of problems with the line up when me and Peter started out the band 1989, and it was hard to find the right people. Our releases so far are: "The Grief Prophecy" Demo#1 1990, "Into Infinite Obscurity" 7 EP 1991, "Th Somberlain" Demo#2 1992 and out debut album entitled "The Somberlain" will be out when this magazine is released I guess..."

Shouldn't "The Somberlain" have been out for quite awhile now, and are you pleased with the result?

"Yes, it was scheduled for release the 13th of August at first, but has been delayed due to different annoying reasons. We're fucking pissed off! Still, we're really pleased with the result of everything else, like the production and the cover artwork...."

One has heard about Tomas' financial problems. Has this affected you? How are your experiences with No Fashion Records?

"Yeah, there seems to be financial problems....but the reason why the album was delayed is that House Of Kicks is the company that's gonna print up the first edition and they seem to be more interested in licking Earache's asses and more eager to promote already big bands like CARCASS and ENTOMBED over here...That's wimp-attitude and we don't want to deal with them in the future!"

How is your financial deal with No Fashion? How many albums hav DISSECTION signed for?

"We have only signed for one album and we get about 10000 Swedish Crowns for each 1000 copies sold...That's okay. No Fashion also paid the studio and stuff like that."

How has the band developed since "Into Infinite Decay" and 'till now?

"It's called "Into infinite Obscurity" (hmm, I wonder what went through my mind when I wrote that-ED), and yes, we have certainly developed since 1991!"

In what way do you categorize the music DISSECTION is playing, and what is your aim as a band?

"We play the metal of death! Our aims are to continue playing destructive and evil music with lots of atmosphere and satanic lyrics... To expand and progress in all ways..."

What does inspire DISSECTION musically and why do you play the music style you do?

"Why we play like we do?? Basically because it feels right for us, and we want to spread as much darkness and death as possible. We're inspired by melancholy, grief, death, hate and evil! Also by poser bands like: POSSESSED, KREATOR, MAYHEM, BATHORY, SLAUGHTER LORD, MEFISTO, MORBID ANGEL, TORMENTOR, POISON, NECROVORE, WITCHFINDER GENEREAL, MECRYFUL FATE, SADISTIK EXEKUTION and stuff like that."

A Swedish helvete....

"Not of this earth anymore..."

You were supposed to play in Oslo together with EMPEROR and MARDUK but sadly things made this concert impossible. But I am informed about new plans for this gig. Do you know something more?

"Not really, but it would definately be great to play there."

Recent years Black Metal has grown big. Do you see this as an advantage or an disadvantage for the bands?

"It's of course well for the bands if they sell a lot of albums....but there is popping up to many new amatuerish wimp bands! Out of the new Black Metal scene I enjoy EMPEROR and NIFELHEIM alot! Really excellent bands..."

Your view on Church of Satan and its followers!

"I think they blaspheme the concept of satanism... They must care a lot for other people as they want everyone to be their own gods etc...Stupid! I'm my own master, but nothing compared to evil itself...I'm just a part of it."

How do you see BATHORY, HELLHAMMER etc. compared with the scene of the 90's?

"Without them it would not be the same today, i think. Bathory is one of my all time fave bands...also their new stuff!"

Do you have a future vision?

"Death...Damnation, Perdition, Hell."

Interview with Jon Nödveidt (1995)

Sweden's Dissection is flying high. After achieving underground fame with its 1993 debut album, The Somberlain, for No Fashion Records, the band was picked up by Nuclear Blast. The new album, Storm of the Light's Bane, sees Dissection taking its strong brand of black metal to the masses without sacrificing anything that brought the band to where it is. In fact, the members' improved musicianship has enabled them to play even faster songs without turning them into jumbled messes. Death metal overtones and universally appealing vocal rasps add depth to the opus, and as the calm piano of "No Dreams Breed in Breathless Sleep" close out it out, the listener sits in awe, completely satisfied.

I spoke with the founder, guitarist, and vocalist Jon Nödveidt, who sounded upbeat and excited about Dissection and its future.

It seems that Dissection is becoming popular very quickly, so what do you think you'll do to harness this success?

Go out on the road and play. We did a short European tour with Dismember. We played a lot of shows in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic. There's an American tour with At the Gates coming up. We just want to tour.

Are you getting lots of support from Nuclear Blast?

Yes, I would have to say so. It's been very good, and they have done very good promotion for us. We aren't used to that because we were on a small label called No Fashion Records, and there was no promotion at all. This is a big change for us. It's great that we have a record company behind us that really believes in the band.

What else have you guys been doing besides the band itself?

Some of us are working, but at the moment I am unemployed and doing things of personal interest.

Do you have enough money to stay afloat?

Yes, so what I do in my spare time when we're not rehearsing is to study the occult and read books.

When you guys started out back in 1989, what were your hopes?

Well, if I think back, we just wanted to play! There were no big plans or anything, we wanted to play this kind of music, to hopefully to spread the word and get a record deal. That was the main goal.

And things have just taken off from there?

Yeah, as you reach those small goals, you put higher goals further and go on doing what you're doing, always enjoying the present time.

I was speaking to Marten of Meshuggah a while back, and he was saying how Sweden is much more peaceful than countries like, say, Norway. What is your opinion on that?

If you're talking about the black metal scene, I really don't know. I don't think that situation in Norway is really so bad.

Are you into any of that stuff where you are?

Personally I'm into Satanism. But not as a fucking black metal organization.

It's more of a personal thing for you?

It is completely a personal philosophy and a belief that I have developed for many years.

So you're not out destroying churches and the like?

No, but I don't look down upon people who do it. They can do it if they want to do it, because I don't like churches, either.

Are your beliefs somewhat conveyed on the new album's cover?

The guy who painted it is called Necrolord and he's a great friend of ours. We developed the cover concept together, and what it represents is the triumph of darkness.

Has Necrolord done anything else for you guys?

Yeah, he's been working for us since the beginning. He did some demo covers, a 7" EP cover, and the first and second albums. His work has meant a lot to us and we'll use him again.

You got a new drummer, correct?

Yeah, we've had him for a while. It's worked out really great.

Is he on the album or not?

No he’s not. I guess he started in the band just a few months before the album was released, so he’s quite new, but he’s been...