Friday, April 4, 2008

Interview with Jon Nödveidt (1995)

Sweden's Dissection is flying high. After achieving underground fame with its 1993 debut album, The Somberlain, for No Fashion Records, the band was picked up by Nuclear Blast. The new album, Storm of the Light's Bane, sees Dissection taking its strong brand of black metal to the masses without sacrificing anything that brought the band to where it is. In fact, the members' improved musicianship has enabled them to play even faster songs without turning them into jumbled messes. Death metal overtones and universally appealing vocal rasps add depth to the opus, and as the calm piano of "No Dreams Breed in Breathless Sleep" close out it out, the listener sits in awe, completely satisfied.

I spoke with the founder, guitarist, and vocalist Jon Nödveidt, who sounded upbeat and excited about Dissection and its future.

It seems that Dissection is becoming popular very quickly, so what do you think you'll do to harness this success?

Go out on the road and play. We did a short European tour with Dismember. We played a lot of shows in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic. There's an American tour with At the Gates coming up. We just want to tour.

Are you getting lots of support from Nuclear Blast?

Yes, I would have to say so. It's been very good, and they have done very good promotion for us. We aren't used to that because we were on a small label called No Fashion Records, and there was no promotion at all. This is a big change for us. It's great that we have a record company behind us that really believes in the band.

What else have you guys been doing besides the band itself?

Some of us are working, but at the moment I am unemployed and doing things of personal interest.

Do you have enough money to stay afloat?

Yes, so what I do in my spare time when we're not rehearsing is to study the occult and read books.

When you guys started out back in 1989, what were your hopes?

Well, if I think back, we just wanted to play! There were no big plans or anything, we wanted to play this kind of music, to hopefully to spread the word and get a record deal. That was the main goal.

And things have just taken off from there?

Yeah, as you reach those small goals, you put higher goals further and go on doing what you're doing, always enjoying the present time.

I was speaking to Marten of Meshuggah a while back, and he was saying how Sweden is much more peaceful than countries like, say, Norway. What is your opinion on that?

If you're talking about the black metal scene, I really don't know. I don't think that situation in Norway is really so bad.

Are you into any of that stuff where you are?

Personally I'm into Satanism. But not as a fucking black metal organization.

It's more of a personal thing for you?

It is completely a personal philosophy and a belief that I have developed for many years.

So you're not out destroying churches and the like?

No, but I don't look down upon people who do it. They can do it if they want to do it, because I don't like churches, either.

Are your beliefs somewhat conveyed on the new album's cover?

The guy who painted it is called Necrolord and he's a great friend of ours. We developed the cover concept together, and what it represents is the triumph of darkness.

Has Necrolord done anything else for you guys?

Yeah, he's been working for us since the beginning. He did some demo covers, a 7" EP cover, and the first and second albums. His work has meant a lot to us and we'll use him again.

You got a new drummer, correct?

Yeah, we've had him for a while. It's worked out really great.

Is he on the album or not?

No he’s not. I guess he started in the band just a few months before the album was released, so he’s quite new, but he’s been...

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