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Interview with Jon Nödtveidt (June 2003)

Some information sources say you are working on the new Dissection stuff these days. There's going a new album some time (except the live one), could you please tell us about it a little bit?

First of all, the release of "Live Legacy" marks perfectly the end of the first era in the history of Dissection. "Live Legacy" is hence the legacy of the old days, but is also a strategic forewarning of the second era, the coming dark aeon, and the great return of Dissection! Ever since my time in custody I kept the fire of Dissection burning in my black heart. I have been composing music in my mind all the way, and when I later got my guitar I could finally get to seriously work on and develop all new ideas coming up. I abound in inspiration from victories to come and from the power of my inner black flame. My influence is the Satanic quintessence, the flaming inner divine will to power, and the wholeness of the Anti-cosmic powers. I have written and completed eleven songs for the forthcoming third studio album, which will be recorded next year 2004 at my release from prison! The eleven songs are in the classic, characteristic but developed and evolved Dissection style. In essence, this is the ultimate, archetypal Dissection album! We will hit the scene even harder than people expect!

What's the present line-up of the band?

I'm proud to announce Faust as the new official drummer in Dissection. We know each other since the early ninetees and throughout the years in prison we kept in touch. This resulted in that I asked him to join Dissection at his parole, which he did. I'm totally convinced that Faust will become the ultimate Dissection drummer. He's an incredibly powerful and talented drummer as well as a great friend. We have both learned things the hard way, and grown many times stronger as a result. Both Faust and I share the same relentless hunger and will to power and vengeance, which we will direct towards the forthcoming studio album and the grand return of Dissection next year. The rest of the formation is still not official, but I can say that all members constituting the dark entity of Dissection must possess the required elite musical skills as well as superior will to progression and perfection. They must also be fully able to stand behind and represent the Anti-cosmic and Chaos-gnostic concept of Dissection! It is the essence behind the surface that is the most important thing for Dissection, the dynamic sinister energies that we channel and spread with our music, and the new line-up it shall become the best and most powerful ever! We will begin the rehearsals later this year.

Are you going to release the stuff you were supposed to release in 1997-98 before you got into trouble?

We were supposed to record an album with a new line-up in '98 but since I ended up in prison these plans where changed. Our forthcoming third studio album next year will include some material/ideas planned for that recording, but since these ideas never were fully arranged or completed, they have evolved and matured a lot during the years. So the album to be recorded next year will be a combination of material written both before and after my imprisonment.

As far as I can see you continue your MLO activities. What's your part there? Your status (if it's not a secret) and… How do you see your goal (as far as this organization is concerned). Does any Satanist have the right to become one of the MLO members?

I'm a member of the MLO (Misanthropic Luciferian Order) since 1995. MLO is a Chaos-Gnostic order, which seek the true light of Lucifer through the study, development and practice of all dark, gnostic and Satanic magical systems. Our goal is to create a synthesis between the dark traditions of all aeons, this way creating the occult keys that shall open the gates to the forthcoming endless dark aeon. My status within the order is the one of a full member of the second grade and a Priest of Satan. To become a candidate one must first of all already be an Anti-cosmic Satanist and actively practicing black magician. He/She must wholeheartedly sympathize and share the misanthropic and anti-cosmic values of the order, and then be ready to dedicate his/her entire existence to following his/her true will in accordance to the dark gods. Becoming an initiate is a long and hard process and and can take several years.

How did you get in MLO? Some sources say it was you who organized it… but I don't really know for sure.

I didn't organize the MLO, but I was introduced to the order by close friends at a quite early stage.

What is your opinion on the Satanist church organized by LaVey? What do you think about his work by the way?

LaVey has created a tame, non-dynamic, pacifistic/atheistic and essenceless form of, what he calls, Satanism. It has got nothing to do with real Satanism in it's true and primal form.

Are there any rules a true Satanist should stick to? Do you personally have any rules for your life?

My true will is my law and I thereby, without mercy, punish all violations against it.

How can you describe yourself as a person? What are the most essential features of your character? Do you sometimes feel you are being misunderstood as a person?

I consciously and wholeheartedly struggle against the cosmic tyranny and oppression that mankind as a whole willingly has submitted to. I refuse to be a servant to the cosmic order and being someone elses creation, a passive victim of cosmic fate, chained to the wheel of life, blinded by illusions and lies that only has one purpose; to keep us in line in a system controlled by the oppressor. Anti-cosmic Satanism manifests the opposite to what the oppressor (cosmos) wants you to be and is hence unnatural, revolutionary and elitic. Anti-cosmic Satanism is the dark, strengthening, dangerous and revolutionary path of the strong who, by his own strong will, strive for liberation and enlightenment, thus refusing to accept the inherited yoke of humanity. I choose to eternally become, to consciously strive away from, and beyond, the pre-dictated conditions for existence and to struggle towards becoming completely selfmade, in accordance to my own true will, free from all weaknesses and chains that bind us to the cosmic creation. This will to power and perpetual becoming is, from a cosmic point of view, unnatural as it leads straight into the purifying darkness of the unknown. It is therefore not in harmony with cosmos, but with the Anti-cosmic impulse. This Anti-cosmic impulse is the external aspect of the inner black flame and is, described as our god and ideal, Satan, Lucifer, Set! I view Satan as the wild and Chaotic power that constantly breaks down all stagnant and essenceless forms, forcing the creation, the cosmic order, back to the formless Chaos it descends from. Lucifer is my ideal, the archetypal representation for spiritual enlightenment and the Promethean thirst for knowledge (Prometheus – Greek Mythology – stole the fire of the gods). Therefore I must strive to bring revolution, wisdom and liberation. Anti-cosmic Satanism represents the ultimate revolution against the comsic oppression. I hence believe in the total extinction of cosmic order, the Day of Wrath (The Great Dissolution, Mahapralaya, Ragnarök). Until then I shall continuously become stronger, letting my inner black flame rise completely so that my essence can transcend and become one with it's external source. My anti-cosmic philosophy, visions and ideals stand for the struggle towards boundless freedom of the spirit and the returning to Chaos. If I sometimes feel misunderstood? For sure, but Anti-cosmic Satanism is not for the apathetic masses. It is for the secret elite who carry the divine Luciferian spark inside.

Are you going to continue experimental music writing? Something in the vein of De Infernali?

Not likely, De Infernali was just something we made to get money for weapons.

What's your attitude to the nazi-trend in modern black metal? Several years ago everybody seemed to be a Satanist, either involved in magic or/and occult things. Nowadays most of these guys turned into fascists… fashion or…?

Just belonging to a certain nationality will never make you superhuman. Simple racism or nationalism is nothing but just another herd-mentality for feeble-minded humans to, without logical reason, make themselves feel superior to each other in all their confusion, without having to accomplish anything at all but just being the mentally passive, easily-guided apathetic flocks of cattle that they are! The true elite, on the other hand, is guided by the inner black flame, the dynamic and Chaotic force that lies dormant within their souls. The true elite is self-made! The true elite is actively becoming rather than just passively being. My personal Satanic alchemy has driven me towards constant development, and my inner black flame has grown stronger and stronger as a result of all years' conscious and unconscious evolution, strengthening and hardening ordeals, and true experience of the Satanic current on the burning sinister path! A path of eternal becoming where the weak perish. So, in cases like the one you mentioned where people are just following the trends, where there never was no essence, but only shallow forms and empty image, there would instead be stagnation and regression. It's a known fact that almost none of the supposed "satanic" bands had the slightest clue or knowledge about genuine Satanic philosophy. I therefore find it pathetic, childish and embarrasing! The Black Metal scene was always full of pretenders and "imitation-satanists"…and nowadays the pretenders don't even pretend anymore! The weak has sorted out themselves!

What does your usual day consist of? How much time do you spend on your musical activities? You must already have written A LOT of new stuff, haven't you?

Many years have passed since the last studio album and I have developed a lot since then, both as a musician and composer. The eleven new songs for the next full-length album are the result of a long and inspiring songwriting process and a constant striving for evolution and perfection. I spend my time sharpening my claws and my pitch-black burning heart is flaming with the craving for revenge and total victory!

Do you have the possibility to follow the events on the metal scene? What was the latest album you heard?

When it comes to the metal scene all I care about is our loyal fans! As for the metal scene as a whole, I don't find it the least appealing and I haven't heard anything that I think is worth mentioning. I'm more interested in the scene that we will create! You will witness the rise of a new Satanic aeon!

What is the strongest (in lyrical aspect) song Dissection has ever made?

It is for sure the new lyrics for the forthcoming studio album next year. The new lyrics are Satanic formulas, Voces Magicae (the magic of the spoken word), with which I intentionally channel and release the Anti-cosmic, Chaotic currents of the wrathful gods. This will include an advanced ritualization of the whole recording session and just by listening to the album will then literally result in that you are releasing the energies channelled by the music. I use sound vibrations, formulas, words and names of power that within the Anti-cosmic tradition have been charged and have the purpose and function to influence those who listen to the music and hear the formulas. This is nothing we've done before on our earlier recordings, but a new conscious step in the evolution and strategy of Dissection. Dissection is the herald of misanthropic revolution, bringer of change and Chaos-gnostic awakening. We are part of the Chaotic fire that burn and dissolve the cosmic creation from within.

What do you think about Soulreaper? Some critics say this band continues best Dissection traditions?

I think it's a shame and disgrace that the same betrayers who did their best to kill Dissection and put me in prison at the same time as they are actively are speading lies and misinformation in the scene also are trying to benefit from being ex-Dissection members. However, by doing so they only made fools of themselves, not Dissection. The path of Dissection obviously became too dark for these weak betrayers.

Do you keep in touch with your brother Emil? What's your opinion about his musical projects (Swordmaster - one of the old ones, Deathstars - the new one)?

We keep in touch, but I haven't heard from him in a while. When it comes to his musical projects I think he's real talented.

Your top 5 favourite albums for ever and ever?

Hard to say... But some albums that have meant a lot to me and got me into this whole metal thing back in the 80's are: Iron Maiden – "Number of the beast", Accept – "Restless and wild" and AC/DC – "Highway to Hell", just to name a few... Important albums for me are also Metallica – "Ride the lightning" and Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force - "s/t"…

Your english is really good and the lyrics exquisitely well done. What authors influenced you most of all? And… where did you learn the language that well?

Thanks for the compliment. My English is far from perfect, but I always strive for improvement. I started to learn this language from reading lyrics when I was real young, and apart from what I also learned in school I still learn a lot from watching movies and reading. The sources of lyrical influence varies a lot…

As far as I can see from your personal discography you are a great fan of thrash metal. You used to play in several thrash & heavy metal bands in the beginning of your career. What's your attitude to this musical style nowadays? Are there any new thrash metal bands you enjoy listening to, and by the way, why did you turned from your thrash metal way unto the black metal path?

Dissection has always been about genuine essence! Dynamic, sonic darkness! My musical ambition with Dissection has always been to upset the status quo, to push and even break the present limits and musical rules that others follow. This towards creating something closer and closer to the ever-evolving vision of Dissection. My aim with Dissection is fulfilling my dark artistic and musical dreams. It's about complete artistical freedom and my infernal love for this sinister music, always crossing new boundaries and striving for continuous evolution, and hence the opposite to limiting myself to any supposed musical category as so many others seem to be doing. My aim is to introduce the listener to true darkness and let them experience the liberating, Chaotic potential that we can find deep within ourselves; the black flame. I want to sow the Anti-cosmic seed in the listener's unconscious, this way burning new dark holes in the collective worldsoul and the human psyche. This way speeding up the Anti-cosmic evolution leading the cosmic creation back to the formless Chaos it descends from. Dissection is nothing but an instrument for channeling the wrath of the ancient gods of darkness. I want the listener to unchain and release the fettered beast within, break the cosmic chains of illusion, slavery and stagnation. Chaos from order. Hail The Beast!

If you had the possibility to turn back time and change anything in your life, what would you do?

I believe in evolution through experience, and sometimes the ordeals can be severe. But that only serves to strengthen your spirit! Therefore I wouldn't turn back time as I choose to do my desired changes in the present and thus focus on the future, not the past. All in accordance to my own true will!

What are the main values of your life?

What value the most and continuously strive for is freedom beyond all limitations.

Did you think the years in prison changed your outlook, your behaviour, your attitude towards life in any way? I had an interview with Tchort sometime ago and he said imprisonment was really one of the turning points in his life. He learned a lot of things this way. Isn't that the case with you?

The experience of these hard years in prison, all setbacks and adversities, have meant constant personal development, strengthening and evolution. Prison is where the weak die and the strong survive! These years have strengthened my will a thousand times around. My hunger for Dissection is stronger than ever. Of course there were moments when everything seemed distant, in the aspect of time, but Dissection has still always been very, very present in my black heart. There was never a moment where I doubted the future and the return of the band. I kept the flame of Dissection burning through it all and it is today burning stronger than ever! Through hardships to the stars, as they say… Dissection will return on the full grand scale! What we were in the past is nothing compared to what we will become! Dissection will return, ravage, conquer, dominate and take what is ours! We want blood and our hunger is ínsatiable! For too long the unworthy have thrived! Bathing in the blood of the unworthy, Dissection will celebrate total victory. Expect no mercy! The coming dark aeon is ours!

And finally… Your words (wishes) to the Russian and CIS-countries fans?

First and foremost, the incredible support during these hard years, from the mighty legions of unfaltering fans has been totally overwhelming and has truly been the greatest honour! And it is with the greatest pride that I, to all of you Russian and CIS-countries fans, declare the return of Dissection! See you all real soon! By the Anti-cosmic Metal of Death I salute all of you, for we are all truly brothers, and sisters, in arms! As I mentioned earlier, eleven songs are written for our third studio album next year. Eleven songs channelling the wrath of the ancient gods of darkness and the energies of the Anti-cosmic current. Dissection shall burn the scene of today to ashes! We will bring Chaos to the world! We shall initiate the darkest epoch in music-history and open the gates to the coming dark aeon! There shall be no escape! Fear the sons of the black flame! Fear The Return! HAIL AZERATE!!

Anastasiya 'AC' Samotyja, Soundz Online Magazine,

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